We are a full service fine jeweler and our repair capabilities range from changing watch batteries to creating beautifully crafted custom designed pieces that began as a figment of your imagination.

A variety of repairs can be done on site; rhodium plating, appraisals, watch battery and band changes, watch link removal, restringing of pearl and gemstone jewelry, and much much more.

Our bench jeweler works just a mile away from our store and has been handling all of our repair and custom needs for over 10 years and in business for 20+ years. From simple welds and sizing, to creating 100% custom original pieces of art, he can do it al. Feel at ease when you drop off your jewelry with us knowing that your sentimental and valuable jewelry is in very good hands. We will write a detailed receipt of your item and show you how to identify it so you know what you’re getting back is yours.

We also offer appraisals on your jewelry by Kimberly, a GIA gemologist. There is no charge for a verbal assessment if you are just curious what something is worth. If you need an appraisal for insurance purposes, we write one that comes in triplicate with a photograph. The cost is $70 per page of appraisal, and we can often fit up to 4 items on 1 page.

Old gold lying around? We’ll buy it! Bring it in and we’ll weigh it out and let you know what it’s worth. Nice items that are resalable we will pay you more for, and if you decide to trade it in, we will give you at least 20% more than what we would write you a check for.

We also offer complimentary gift wrapping with EVERY purchase.

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