My husband and I had been shopping around for a new bridal set for me because I had developed a metal allergy to my original ring. We had been to many places but always left disappointed at our options. Kimberly s was recommended to us so we decided to try them. They were beyond our expectations! We were able to design a custom ring for me in a hypoallergenic metal at a very reasonable price. I could not be more happy with my new wedding ring. After two months of wearing my ring, I lost a small diamond stone. I took it back to see if they would check the setting to make sure the other stones were secure. Kimberly s took my ring back, checked the setting and replaced the diamond for FREE. I had it back on my finger within 3 days. I highly recommend you give Kimberly s a try. They have been amazing to work with. Their service is exceptional, their staff helpful and the selection is great. I know we have found a jeweler for life.

Christina C


After twenty years of selling jewelry, Kimberly's Diamond Corner has made themselves pretty versatile in what they offer. The types of jewelry they sell are pretty standard: necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets and rings in silver, gold, platinum, precious and semiprecious stones. Their jewelry can be elegant or it can be funky. What you see displayed is either bought or custom made. If the customer wills it, they will create it. Something that is a little different from other professional jewelers is that Kimberly's will buy your jewelry from you and either sell it as is or melt it down and remake it. Another unique item is the gemstone globes. I've seen them in stores before, but not too often in jewelry stores. Plus, the prices were surprisingly cheaper than most places. The big globes were $365 (as compared to $1000 or $1500) and the small ones were $165. Kimberly's prices on most everything was pretty decent, even their repair costs. Repairing a precious or semiprecious stone pendant necklace, it would be less than $50.

Oh, and just be sure to push hard as you open the door. It's an old building and in warmer weather the door expands. They're open, I swear.

Carla D


I have been a customer of Kimberly's for over 15 years. I have bought jewelry, had it repaired, sent stones away to be appraised, you name it. Never had I had a qualm when dealing with Kimberly. She is trustworthy to deal with and has the best prices in I've seen. Her inventory runs from elegant to the carefree. If she doesn't have it, she'll try to get or even design it. Kim isn't stuffy, either, like some of the jewelers that you'll find in the other stores. She's a great person to deal with!

Meg P.


Best Jewelry Buying Experience Ever. Small, local diamond store ran by someone who is the best in the business. I wanted to get my wife a new engagement ring for 10 year anniversary and I put this poor jeweler through hell. Multiple settings, multiple diamonds, etc. She never wavered and continued to help me find the perfect match. She won't coddle you, but she won't B.S. you either... it's the way jewelry buying should be. No undo pressure or gimmicks. Great Jewelry, Great Prices..... and most importantly Great Service. Thanks Kimberly for making my experience the best !!!!



Great Local Jeweler!.Kimberly's Diamond Corner came highly recommended to us when we were looking at engagement rings. Not only did Kim help my husband put together the most stunning engagement ring, her prices are fair and her approach is no B.S. Now, she's not going to make you always feel warm and fuzzy about buying jewelry, but that's not her job. She knows her stuff, can get you anything you could ever want and won't fleece you like the guys at the mall. We both bought our wedding bands from her, too. I trust her, her shop and her family (her daughter works there, too.) If you want to support a local woman-owned business, get beautiful jewelry at a good price and feel confident in your purchase, go to Kimberly's Diamond Corner.

Sheba Girl


Over the past twelve years I have stopped into Kimberly’s Diamond Corner to browse, pick up a watch battery, design a special item, or have a repair done on a piece of jewelry. I have always been treated as a very special client during each and every visit. They go above and beyond to help each customer find that very special item of their dreams. I continue to bring family and friends (from as far away as Hong Kong) to the shop just for the experience of previewing their inventory and meeting both Kimberly and Chelsea, they are very knowledgeable about their inventory and both are fun to work with when trying to make that big decision. These two ladies know that the secret to bringing great quality products and services to their clients is by making it a fun experience! Shopping for jewelry should always be fun.



Kimberly's is awesome!! The only place we buy jewelry. Kim and her daughters are soo friendly...and girls.. she is really good at talking guys into buying things you want ;)

Jennifer P


I needed to sell some rings so I decided to go to a jeweler here in Marysville. The lady gave me a price of $239. I was totally shocked and asked for my rings back believing the rings held more value than what was quoted to me. I then went to Kimberly's Diamond Corner in Powell, Ohio. The quote Kimberly and Chelsea gave me was over twice the amount the other jeweler gave me.
I want to thank Kimberly and Chelsea for all of their help and wisdom. If you ever need to know about diamonds or other jewelry purchases please go to Kimberly's not just because they gave me more money for my rings but they are truly experts at what they do. Thanks again!!

Mark W


I love to shop at Kimberly's Diamond Corner as I appreciate the personal attention. I buy great jewelry and the prices are fair.

Holly H


I have had nothing but great experiences there! I have 3 beautiful pieces from there and will continue to purchase there. I loved how I had an idea for the repair of my wedding ring and Kimberly helped me understand the process and we came up with an even better solution and my ring is beautiful! I also feel very strongly about supporting my local small businesses when all possible.

Rachael K


I love the personal service and knowing that I am getting good quality pieces.

Meg R


After shopping at many Columbus area jewelers to update my 22 year old engagement & wedding ring I settled on Kimberly's because I felt most comfortable with her, trusted her and liked her selection. She had a wide assortment in stock of vintage, new and classic rings for me to pick from. I will go back to Kimberly's again and again!

Patty G


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