About Us

Kimberly started in the business in 1985. Her boyfriend at the time (now her husband), Ralph, gave her the original money to help start the business. Kim used all that she had, $9500, and bought as much inventory as she could, and sold at home parties. She then used her previous connections at hospitals, and would sell her jewelry at hospital fund raisers, grossing anywhere from $10,000-25,000 per sale, enabling her to build the inventory quickly.

In 1989, Ralph again pushed her to open a retail store. That was when the business moved to Powell, renting a space. A few months later in 1990, they bought the building they were renting from. At that time the business was known as "Kimberly’s 14K” specializing in gold finished jewelry. The custom aspect of the business soon grew and became a large part of operations. The name was then changed to Kimberly’s Jewelry Design. While we still do a lot of custom work, it is our diamond and bridal sales that carry the business. So we are now proudly named Kimberly’s Diamond Corner, and we’re not going anywhere anytime soon!

We have no overhead after owning the building for 20 years, so our prices will continue to stay low and competitive. With virtually no advertising at all, word of mouth and referrals is what has made the business blossom into what it is today, while still continuing to grow.

Kimberly’s daughter, Chelsea, officially joined the business in 2010 making us a second generation family business. When you stop by, you will always find either Kim or Chelsea here to help you!

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